Vehicle Trade Values: How to Determine the Worth of Your Vehicle

When you are looking to trade in your vehicle, the first step is determining its value. This can be tricky because several factors go into it. Let's discuss how we determine the trade value of your car and how you can do it yourself online.

What is Trade Value?

A vehicle's trade value is the car's worth when used as payment for another purchase. When you bring your car to us, we will appraise your vehicle and give you a dollar amount that we are willing to apply to your new purchase. Trade values can also be applied to leases. To get an accurate trade value, it's important to understand how trade values are appraised.

How do We Appraise Vehicles?

The first thing we will do is look up the wholesale value of your vehicle. This is the price that we would sell it for to another dealer. We will also consider any damage or wear and tear on the car. Then we compare the value calculation from these two factors to the market trade value for your vehicle. You can maximize your trade amount by ensuring your vehicle is in great condition, void of major defects, has no need for repairs and recalls, and has a decent tire tread.

How to Appraise Your Vehicle Yourself?

Your trade-in value can easily be accessed online through our website. Our trade evaluation tool is accurate and will reflect the trade values in the market for your car. Using this tool kicks off the sales process with us and will save you a lot of time.

Bring Your Trade to Us!

We will use your trade to put you in a new vehicle of your choice. We offer top-dollar trade allowances. Visit us online to evaluate your trade and then. Visit us to trade in your vehicle.